Historien om Uniques

Lise Aagaard, founder of Trollbeads A/S. The company was established in 1976 and is the originator of the beads-on bracelet concept. Together with the organization called Tibet Charity, Lise developed the Tibet Beads project in 2005 to give unemployed Tibetan refugees in India an opportunity to learn new skills and earn an income. After being coached to create glass beads and to run a jewellery business, Tibet Charity employed more people and the group sell their glass beads and jewellery from a shop on the main street of Dharamsala, India. A few line in a magazine led to unexpected journey, which took Lise and her family to three different continents -  journeys that ended up making a real difference to many people's lives including her own. 

The lines from the magazine of Danish Tibet Charity organization: 

"If you really want to help people in he third world countries to develop economically, you must teach them what is is you are successfully doing". 

When Lise Aagaard read those lines it came to her: 

" We can do that.  At Trollbeads we know how to sell glass beads. We know how to sell them successfully . I taught them how to make glass beads, but the way they developed their skills and how they have used them leaves me speechless. They have taken Trollbeads to a whole new level and in directions I could never have imagined. Lots of people across the world adore their unique design - but their biggest fan is me." - Lise Aagaard

At Trollbeads, we believe in two things; operating from our hearts and maintaining a social responsibility. These values are essential factors for us when running a global business.

Trollbeads Uniques are an exquisite set of handmade artisan glass beads.